Roschelle McCoy

My Story

Roschelle McCoy has a passion for helping everyday people understand the power of real estate investing so they can live a financially free life by design.  She’s been investing in real estate since 2017 and currently controls over $25M in real estate assets in Florida, Oklahoma and Illinois.  Roschelle is focused on creating safe, affordable housing in emerging markets across the US that provide excellent returns for passive investors while giving back to local communities and charitable organizations.

In 2020, she helped build, brand and market McCoy Property Inspections, a residential home inspection company serving central Illinois.  In 2021 she founded Titanium Investments, a real estate investment firm helping everyday people like you passively invest in real estate.  

Her 20+ year business career has been focused on building and executing strategic marketing plans, consulting on digital marcom technologies, communications, and influencing the adoption of a new content management system across a complex matrix of diverse, global marketing teams. She served on a committee for six years that raised millions for the local Heart of Illinois United Way chapter.

In her spare time she’s a mother of three very energetic boys, wife and dedicated advocate for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the St Jude Runs organization.  She’s served as treasurer for the Chicago to Peoria St Jude Run since 2020 and team captain since 2015.  She’s fundraised over $160K since 2011 through individual donations and special events, notably the annual River Bottom Country Runs & Benefit for St Jude.

My Family

Married with three energetic boys, every day is an adventure in the McCoy household.  From sports to music lessons, school clubs and more, there’s never a shortage of games, lessons, practices, performances and competitions to go to. We’re embracing this crazy, busy season of life and cherishing all the moments knowing that these years go by so quickly. 

My Passions

St. Jude Runs

Roschelle began running for the St Jude Runs organization in 2011.  Since then she’s helped raise over $100K through various fundraisers and charity events.  If you would like to know how you can get involved with St Jude as a runner, event sponsor, donor or volunteer please reach out to Roschelle. 


Roschelle was inspired to start running at the age of 17 when her high school teacher, Jeff Getz, decided to wake up one day and run a marathon - - with no training.  Roschelle wasn’t crazy enough to take on a feat of this nature, but she was moved to start challenging herself to start running.  This physically and mentally challenging sport is where Roschelle finds calm in the chaos of life.  It has also led her to the charitable work she does for the St Jude Runs organization. 


There’s so much satisfaction in growing a beautiful flower garden to cherish throughout the seasons.  Inspired by her mother, Roschelle spends countless hours throughout the Spring, Summer & Fall planting, weeding, feeding, splitting, moving and caring for the gardens surrounding her country home.  Though it’s a lot of work to keep up with, it’s where she finds her ‘happy place’ in making such beauty. 


Growing up in a large family of seven kids, Roschelle's greatest childhood memories are from summer family trips in their RV.   Always wanting to give her family this same experience, when their children were young they bought a travel trailer and started camping.  After a few years and more kids they decided to upgrade to a RV for the freedom to travel further and enjoy the stays a bit longer.  They now take a 4-5 trips each year with the goal of going new places yet unexplored.


Ok, so this is right up the alley of camping, but airplanes can take you places that no RV can go.  Roschelle has traveled to over a dozen different countries for work and has seen many-a hotel, airports and business conference rooms.  And as time permits during busy business travel, exploring local attractions is always welcome.  Roschelle values experiences over objects and travel will be a growing priority as financial and time freedom goals are achieved.  

Real Estate Investing

Roschelle is passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.  She's grown her portfolio from one 4-plex to over 300 doors and manages group investments that allow people to passively invest in real estate.  Contact Roschelle to learn more about her real estate investing journey and if she has a project that aligns to your investing goals.

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